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New Application - Hannibal

Category: RECRUITMENT one month ago
  • Hey everyone ! nice to be in this forum / squadron.
  • your call sign - Hannibal
  • your age (must be over 18 years old) - 40
  • your type of internet connection and speed - FIOS 8MB
  • your timezone - EST
  • your availability during the week and or weekends. Saturdays and Fridays, and weekdays after 5pm, mon & wed 
  • your approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS - 40 hours
  • your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor - basic
  • your preferred chopper (you can love them all!)  AH-1Z  (but UH1H for DCS at the moment
  • your expectations w.r.t BSD. expect to meet some pilots play in multiplayer, and learn from experienced pilots
  • Re: New Application - Hannibal

    by » one month ago

    Welcome Hannibal!

    I see you are on Discord so all we have to do is set up a flight for an introduction. Nothing too hard just a flight around the base. We will go over a few of the things we do. You will get to see how we do things and we can see what if anything needs to be worked on. For your time zone you will be in the UH/US platoon under Statua

    Because we have both US and EU times you can pick up any flight you wish.

    Welcome to the Den.


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