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Welcome to Black Shark Den!

If you are reading this page then you are a DCS Chopper Pilot looking for a place to develop and share your flying and combat skills. We are a group of dedicated Digital Combat Simulator online Helicopter Pilots, and we fly a mix of all the DCS chopper modules in an assortment of house-crafted “Ass-n-Trash” and “Low Level Hell” missions. On our servers, we do not fly any fixed wing modules. None.

The squadron is centered on the East Coast of USA, EST Time-zone, UTC -5.00 and on European Time (UTC+1). The language is English.

The emphasis is on camaraderie and enjoyment, while flying as a coordinated operational team. 2017 has seen the introduction of Readiness Level training and development for all members, to bring all pilots to similar skill standards, to maximize capability and success in the field. We have a core membership of regular attendees, who are actively engaged, and are looking forward to receiving new applicants. Our membership ranges from professional military helicopter pilots to devoted amateur sim-jockeys. In 2020, we introduced tailored training based on the type of helicopter flown: Attack (AH), Utility (UH) and Observation (OH) and platoons within BSD were created.


  • You already enjoy Digital Combat Simulator (DCS).
  • You fly the helicopter modules available in DCS.
  • You have reached a standard where you want to develop through interaction with other pilots and up-skill your flying and team action through structured training and assessment.
  • You are looking for an even more immersive, realistic and complex combat mission environment.
  • You are seeking a cooperative multiplayer experience emphasizing team work.
  • You are available regularly during weekdays or weekends to join set mission opportunities, and other times for co-operative skill development or a fun furball flight!
  • You are over 18 years old and seeking respectful adult environment, serious during the flights, less on the ground.

Then BLACK SHARK DEN is the place for YOU!


BLACK SHARK DEN, simply put, offers:

  • A friendly but challenging environment to online DCS heli-sim pilots.
  • The challenges of team-work with other human pilots.
  • Fun exciting missions, which grow your understanding of your favoured airframe.
  • The opportunity to train and develop with more advanced pilots and trainers.
  • The opportunity to get involved in mission design, and contribute to the community with your own experience and knowledge.

Why Digital Combat Simulator?

If you are unfamiliar with Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World), then you are missing out! Go here, and get downloading. It is the only study-sim with as broad an array of aircraft and land based combat vehicles currently available for public distribution, and represents extraordinary value for money. In the words of one of our professional military pilot members, “DCS is almost as good as the million-dollar simulators the US Army trains me on, and it's twice the fun, and better looking!”

But you probably already knew that....

Why only helicopters?

YES, because that's what we want to fly! There are dozens of other clans, clubs and online squadrons and regiments offering fixed wing, or mixed fixed- and rotary-wing flight. BLACK SHARK DEN is here to focus and concentrate exclusively on helicopters and helicopter piloting skills. It is here to satisfy the crazy desire to be able to fly backwards, sideways, upwards, downwards or in no direction at all, though usually forwards. Flying helicopters is challenging, sometimes frightening but ultimately rewarding.

It is generally admitted that "helicopters suck". To quote a famous DCS community member (Chuck):

" Choppers are slow, blocky, noisy, sluggish…Who would want to be a glorified taxi driver when you could be Maverick and save the World at Mach1.5?
Well, you should! Why? Simply because helicopter pilots have one of the most dangerous jobs in the World. You have to be one hell of a pilot to fly one of those. Or bat-shit insane. Or a bit of both. Flying a helicopter is challenging, and one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had in a flight-sim. Flying helicopters is difficult, much more difficult than flying an airplane. Helicopters are marvelous and totally insane creations. They seem unnatural, intricate and many pilots who come from the jet or prop plane world have difficulties to learn to fly helicopters since it requires a different way of thinking."

Eagle Dynamics Digital Combat Simulator and their 3rd party developers have done an extraordinary job of simulating the complex physics of helicopters with their flight models. We are looking for realistic but fun and friendly flight environment to prove and improve our skills, which only DCS currently delivers. DCS also serves up a thrilling low-level ground-based immersive environment with graphics and physics to match, and challenging combat scenarios. Helicopters fly low and slow, and that is where the BSD member wants to operate.


Why is this site called like this. What type of choppers are you flying here?

This site is named for the first helicopter module released in DCS World in 2008: BLACK SHARK, a simulator of the Russian Kamov 50.

It was the first module labelled 'PFM' for Professional Flight Model.

Within a few years, DCS World opened to other 3rd parties like Belsimtek and Polychop, and now other classic helicopters are available in addition to the Kamov 50:

  • Belsimtek's (now ED) Mil Mi-8, Soviet era transport and gunship, most produced helicopter in the world.
  • Belsimtek's (now ED) Bell UH-1 Huey, the iconic Vietnam-era transport and gunship.
  • Polychop's SA342 Gazelle (2016), the European NATO observation and attack platform, UK FR
  • Polychop's OH-58D Kiowa (2020), an advanced Observation platform with some anti tank capability, US
  • Miltech5's BO-105 (2021) the Cold War era W German weapons platform
  • Belsimtek's (now ED) Mil Mi-24 (2020) The Soviet gunship from Cold War to Afghanistan

BSD members fly a selection these airframes with differing levels of skill and specialisation in co-ordinated role combat and utility missions of varying complexity and demands. Each airframe has its drawbacks and advantages and part of the fun is learning what works and how to use it, and having our qualified PI's tell us how to do it better....


OK, so what else this site is offering?

BLACK SHARK DEN sounds like YOU!

Beside being able to meet regularly with DCS chopper-pilots who share the same interest, and flying multiplayer co-op missions in a realistic (but fun and friendly) environment, the site shares exclusively with its members:

  • Advanced mission organization tools.
  • Exhaustive libraries with tons of hard-to-find documentation on your favourite airframes.
  • A collection of expertly designed original missions.
  • Operational procedures and tactics used in the real world.
  • A dedicated forum to swap ideas, opinions, mods, challenges and successes with fellow pilots.
  • Training Center with structured classes to improve your level of competence.
  • Ranking System in recognition of your development level.
  • Solid expertise to support you passion for this simulator. 

I am interested. What do I need to do?

If you want to know more, please first register on this site.

You will then be permitted to sign up on the forum.

Go to the Recruiting Office and carefully read the enrollment conditions in the first post. If you think you are a match, post your application with the information required in the first post.

You will be then asked to fly with one of our IP (Instructor Pilot) for an evaluation of your current capabilities. If everything goes well (it usually does at this stage), you will be offered the position of trainee within Black Shark Den.

This will grant you access to the documentation, missions, training classes and extended access to the BSD Discord server.

Your trainee status will be used to get you up to speed to a basic Readiness Level 2. You will then be granted a pilot qualification, and eventually the rank of junior lieutenant, based on your contributions to BSD. Remember, you're now part of a team!