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New application

Category: RECRUITMENT one month ago

Hello friends:

I herewith submit my application as per the rules layed out here:

List the following information:

your call sign

your age (must be over 18 years old)

your type of internet connection and speed cable (copper or glass fiber)  at up to 200Mb/s  IP:
measured at the time of this writing: 114.6 Mbps upload, 18.3 download, Ping 11ms, Jitter 1ms

your timezone

your availability during the week and or weekends.
irregular, retiree with most time early mornings and evenings after 2000UTC

your approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS
about 50 on and off (most of those in the Frogfoot, UH-1 and F-15)

your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor
close to non-existent

your preferred chopper (you can love them all!)
UH1 (also own Mi8 and AH50, plan to also buy the Gazelle)

your expectations w.r.t BSD.
To become a better helicopter pilot and to learn about historic and present day military procedures
My role preferences are UH. OH, AH (in that order of priority, but do not own the SA-342 at this time)

Short bio:
born in Germany in November 1947, studied at Giessen University and Unversity of California in Sacramento, PhD, M.A. in Slavic philology and Science of Science
lived in Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Gibraltar, and Belgium, worked as Associate Professor in Giessen and Monterey, CA, retired official of European Commission
started flying in gliders, then single engine planes with PPL and IFR rating, lapsed in 2008 after failed medical, 800+ hours as PIC, 3000+ hours in all kinds of Flight Sims since 1984

Now hailing from Antwerp/Belgium (close to EBAW) and enjoying life as retiree with never enough time at hand.

Thank you for considering my application and kind regards
Scorpio47 (Juergen)

  • Re: New application

    by » one month ago

    Hello Scorpio47! Wow, that was one of the most thorough introduction I have read in a while! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself! Your next move is to jump on our Discord server (there is a link on the website s frontpage) and give a shout to an IP or UT for your introduction flight. This way we can get to know each other and you can ask all the questions you want about the squadron. Once your intro flight done, assuming you liked it, you ll be set as trainee until we got you to a good enough level for you to fly combat missions with us. Don t worry, it s not a long and painful process.

    looking forward to flying with you soon on line!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

    Thank you said by:

  • Re: New application

    by » one month ago

    Hello Sir:

    thank you for the flowers.... I had my introductory flight yesterday and there seems to be hope that one day I might be able to tame that wild beast and get ot tp do what I want instead of m doing what she wants....  ;-)

    I am looking forward to learn and absorb the necessary skills to become a valuable member of this fine group.

    To many soft and happy landings!

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