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New Application - Renko

Category: RECRUITMENT 3 months ago

Your call sign: Renko

Your age (must be over 18 years old): 48

Your type of internet connection and speed: Fiber 100mbps

Your timezone: AST UTC-4 (Atlantic Canada)

Your availability during the week and or weekends: Pretty good:  I work 12 hour shifts 2 days/2 nights/4 days off. Not sure if it might be better to go to the EU side as I usually fly during the day while my girlfriend is at school.

Your approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS: No idea, maybe a few hundred including fixed-wing.

Your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor: Medium but improving. I’m comfortable with triggers, CTLD, CSAR, and just starting to learn some basic Lua with MIST and MOOSE. Have played around a bit with CombatFlite to make TOT missions.

Your preferred chopper (you can love them all!): Most familiar with the UH-1, but I have all 4 modules

Your expectations w.r.t BSD: I’d like to up my game and speed the learning curve a bit while flying some fun missions with an enthusiastic group.

About me: Work at an air ambulance flying S-76s; used to fly Griffons (Canadian Air Force Bell 412) a long time ago, and then Twin Hueys as a military contractor. Relatively new to DCS I guess compared to everyone else here – been at it on and off a bit over the last three years as work permitted. Getting a bit addicted now though, I’m and looking forward to flying with you guys!

  • Re: New Application - Renko

    by » 3 months ago

    Welcome to BSD. Interesting Intro.

    If EU Timezone suits you better, that's fine. We´ll organize the Intro Flight. It´s no Checkride, just a relaxed Flying. We get a chance to see a bit of your skills and you can see how we fly. So it is rather an application in both directions. If you like what you see and want to join us then you´ll be promoted to Trainee. From there you´ll get trained by our experienced Instructors. We don't use Ranks, so you don't have to climb a Rank ladder here. We use Readiness Levels (RL) instead. You´ll start off with RL3 Trainee and you have to get promoted to RL2 (qualified Pilot) in order to join Missions and the persistent Campaign. Once you get promoted to RL1 (Combat Ready), so you´re allowed to join complex Missions.

    I´m looking forward to be flying with you.

    Just shoot me a message when you think you can do the Intro Flight, then we´ll get it sorted.

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