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New application - Mobius

Category: RECRUITMENT 3 months ago

Callsign - Mobius

Time zone - UTC 6

DCS experience - about 2 years heavily on fixed wing aircraft- I've flown the Hornet with VMFA-251 for over a year and a half now

I can fly the UH-1H and the KA-50-still need to learn the navigation and some other systems

Mission editor experience - Basic, nothing with any scripts

I'm available most nights evenings that are not Tuesdays or Sundays, these conflict withe 251 missions however I am open later after they are finished (21:00 CST)

all other nights are around 18:00-24:00

I am looking to learn and fly the Huey in a dedicated group of knowledgeable people with a heavy focus on real world procedures.  
I know basic startup, weapons employment, and flight characteristics for the UH-1H. I remember sometime last year I popped into the discord and a Huey flight was going to do a strike/CSAR mission. I was invited to tag along. that was one of the most fun missions I've had in DCS with a group, and i'm looking forward to flying like that again. 

  • Re: New application - Mobius

    by » 3 months ago

    Hi Mobius1 and welcome to BSD. Glad you liked your last flight with us. Maybe we should do more public events. It's always a pleasure to tag along the 251th in multisquad. We need to renew the experience again soon.

    Tuesdays and Sundays are often the days we are flying too. Weekdays are usually 2100 EST for the US group or 1500 EST for the EU group. Weekends most of the time around 1400/1500 EST for both groups to fly together. We are not too hardcore on the participation requirement but we are expecting to see you flying trainings or missions at least once a month. Like all squadrons, it is a two way agreement. We train you but you are taking an active part in the flights. I am sure this is how it works in the 251.

    I saw you are already on Discord in the good hands of Miki so I guess I'll see you online soon.


    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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