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New Application for Madmalik

Category: RECRUITMENT 3 months ago

Howdy all!

I am interested in getting to know BSD and would like to try it out.

  • your call sign: MadMalik
  • your age: 35
  • your type of internet connection and speed: Cable test @ 240Mbps download/ 12Mbps upload
  • your timezone: CST UTC-6
  • your availability during the week and or weekends: 1 evening a week/ 1 day or evening on the weekend
  • your approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS: Flying since 2010. Estimate ~500 hours in DCS helis
  • your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor: Intermediate 
  • your preferred chopper (you can love them all!): A hard choice...but the least until the Mi-24 comes out, haha.
  • your expectations: I am looking for a relaxed but organized group of heli players to fly large scale operations with.

I am a helicopter CFI-I and A&P with experience in R22/R44/R66 and Bell 206L rotorcraft and I'm more than happy to share my experiences and knowledge with all who ask.


  • Re: New Application for Madmalik

    by » 3 months ago

    Good to see another IRL chopper pilot at BSD Madmalik! Welcome to BSD.

    You'll be assigned to the US company, UH platoon as an Mi8 driver. Once the Mi24 drops, you can ask to be re assigned to the US company AH platoon. For the moment, your platoon leader will be Statua. You can contact him on our Discord server and see with him if there is any IP available for your intro flight.

    Looking forward to flying with you soon!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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