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New Application for Recluse

Category: RECRUITMENT 4 months ago

Callsign: Recluse

Age: 30

Connection Speed: 17 ms ping, 74 Mbps down, 18 Mbps up.

Timezone: UST + 1 (BST).

Availability: Weekday evenings, all Friday and weekends.

Flight Hours: More than I care to admit!.. mostly single player until now...

DCS ME Knowledge: Basic, but planning to learn more.

Preferred Chopper: KA-50... very excited for the Mi-24, though.

Expectations for BSD: Structured training. Completing challenging missions alongside like-minded semi-serious simmers.

Intro: When I first got low and slow with the Huey all those years ago (my first DCS module) I fell in love with it instantly, and helicopters have since become a topic of fascination for me. Although we all love the Huey, the KA-50 is my preferred chopper because nothing beats hiding in the trees teaching those pesky SAMs a lesson with the Vikhrs. I've been simming for a while now; sequentially learning and forgetting (and re-learning and re-forgetting) each module, and up to this point I had not stepped out of my comfort zone to pursue joining an online squadron (I'm a shy guy, what can I say!). I'm looking to join BSD to learn and apply realistic mission techniques, and hopefully make some like-minded simming buddies along the way.

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