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New Application for NaDs

Category: RECRUITMENT 4 months ago

CallSign: NaDs

Age: 38

Timezone: +5:30 GMT

Availability: Mostly evenings after 2000EST

Experience: Just started learning KA50 (can do basic maneuvers, weapons deployment etc)

Modules: KA50, Mi-8, huey & Gazelle

Mission Editor knowledge: Beginner (can make basic missions nothing fancy, like lua scripting and stuff)

Gears: Thrustmaster T16000 with TWCS HOTAS

Expectations: the reason for me being here is, i am a sucker for real-world procedures and engagement. I already fly und JTF-1 VMFA 251 squadron so i know what i m getting into. Looking forward to meet like-minded people who luv flying the KA50. This is the frst helo module which i am sinking my teeth into so i guess i have a lot to learn, and am willing to learn and snag skills from pros like u...

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