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New Application

Category: RECRUITMENT 6 months ago

Callsign  -  Blackhawk

Age - 60 years old

Connection - Download 80 MBS  Upload 6 MBS

Time Zone  - Eastern Standard Time.   North Carolina

Availability  -  Fly most evenings and fly at various time on the weekend. Very flexible

Flight Hours  -  Have flown DCS World for about 2 years. Several hundred hours accumulated time in both fixed and rotary wing. MI-8 and UH-1. I have flown the KA-50 but am a complete beginner.

Mission Editor  -  Very little exposure to this part of DCS World.

Preferred aircraft  -  I prefer to fly red side aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing. I am a fan of the MI-8. I can fly a UH_1 as well.

Expectations  -  I expect to have some fun, laughs. I enjoy working with a team. I enjoy problem solving. I enjoy improving my skills. I expect to find all of those things as a pilot with BSD ... and possibly 

                       contributing something useful toward mission success.

  • Re: New Application

    by » 6 months ago

    Hello BlackHawk! Thanks for your introduction. I hope you will enjoy this place and have a lot of flights and missions with us. Your next move is to join our Discord server and give an instructor a shout on the sign-in channel so we can have you for a fun and informal introduction flight!

    See you soon on line!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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