your call sign: OSCARMIKE

your age (must be over 18 years old): 40

your type of internet connection and speed: hard wired 135 down 25 up 

your timezone: MST (Ontario, Canada) EST

your availability during the week and or weekends.: Available most week nights and weekends depending on notice 

your approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS: Unknown. Flew for a few years in the fixed wing stuff but never really dove deeply into it. Just enjoyed flying around. Have really gotten into flying helo's in the past 3 months with some of your new BSD Members

your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor. basic

your preferred chopper (you can love them all!) I have all modules and can get by with most but feel most proficient with the Mi8 and doing UH duties, but I am also really looking forward to the Kiowa.  

your expectations w.r.t BSD. I have found that after I have reached a certain age I am just looking for some like minded folks to fly with and learn from as well as have a good time. No high expectations here, just looking to enjoy the time I spend in DCS with good people. Also looking for a group that will understand that I am a working father of 3 and that comes first, not that I don't love flying in DCS but family comes first. 

My background is civilian law enforcement, 911 operator for a few years and warrant response officer for the Fed Gov

I look forward to having a good time and expanding my knowledge base in DCS :) if accepted



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    by » 5 weeks ago


    I think BSD will be a great place for you. While we do support serious milsim ops with lots of attention to details and planning, we very much support casual flying with basic procedures on a regular basis as well. We understand here that DCS is a hobby and that it is not a job so family first shouldn't be an issue. Our only requirement is that you fly at least once per month with another BSD member. Even then, we allow people to go on leave with an opportunity to jump right back in when ready through a check ride.

    While you certainly are able to fly multiple helicopters, we would like you to choose one to focus on. You may choose to switch focus at any point but will have to go through supplementary training to do so. That being said, even if the Mi-8 is your focus, there are many opportunities for you to fly the Kiowa in the more casual and drop-in type missions and events. If your current favourite airframe right now is the Mi-8, you would be looking at joining the Utility Helicopter (UH) company. I just so happen to be the US UH Company Commander so hopefully we will be in touch soon!

    To get started, head on over to our Discord and post in #sign-up that you're looking for an intro flight. The intro flight is a sort of qualification flight to see your skill level and where you're at. It's nothing crazy, just need to ensure you have a basic understand of your helicopter and that we don't need to worry about you struggling with the basics of flying during your procedure training.

    See you soon!

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    Sounds good Statua, I will go with the Mi8 as I really enjoy UH tasks. I posted in the section you mentioned for an intro flight Wednesday if possible. Talk to you soon ! 

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