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Call sign Cobruh

Age 29

Internet is a Landline 60 mb/s

Time zone: Pacific

Generally available in the evenings but work schedule changes bi-monthly

100hrs in DCS, all in copters

No experience with editor outside of downloading community made missions

Preferred copter is ka-50, but I can cold start, fly and fire from UH-1 and MI-8. Dislike the gazell but do own it.

My expectations are to have fun with other virtual pilots shooting tanks or doing troop insertion/extraction and shooting the shit. Looking for a more casual interaction, tactical training and stuff is fine, but not really interested in going full hooah.

Looking forward to it!


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    Welcome to the Den, Cobruh!

    You are now promoted to Private with trainee status, as an RL3.

    Well done on a solid intro flight for the US AH Platoon. It was good flying with you, and I think you held out on a little bit of your IRL hours when describing yourself. cool

    You now have access to the forum’s pilots mess and the BSD library.

    Our welcome guide is available in the BSD library/BSD Documents,

    BSD SOP is also available in the BSD library/BSD Documents,

    Brevity is available HERE,

    Our mods that you will need are available in BSD library/BSD Mods,

    Tutorial for the mods HERE

    Simple radio is required. You can find that HERE

    For quicker access to our missions until you can read the SOP, you can find a Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) in the BSD library/BSD Documents

    Your training file has been built make sure you log your flight time every time you fly with a BSD member. Use commas not decimals. A flight in your log book is 2,5 not 2.5. Also check out the 1000 task's in the menu. HERE

    That's what you will work on first. When you are ready to get checked off on a decent group of them, ask for an IP to fly with you and verify.

    Your hours (defined as time flying a helicopter with one or more BSD pilots) are logged on the website under Pilots/Pilot logbook / military file, and the Platoon you pick, UH,OH or AH

    Remember our servers are 24/7 and you may use them anytime you wish. Missions can be started through the F10 menu, and are grouped by airfield/takeoff. 

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