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Application from Trog

Category: RECRUITMENT one month ago

Call sign: Trog

Age: Old school

Type of internet connection & speed: Down 45Mbps / up 9.7Mbps

Timezone: GMT(+1)

Availability during the week: Wed's evenings /alt Thurs/Fri. Alt weekends, sometimes both. Maybe day time slots.

Number of flight hours already spent on DCS: Never logged but, around since beginning of DCS on & off. Interest rekindled with the Gazelle and then fed up with flight model. Back with the Gazelle more recently with new profiles and Puma controls/VR. Own the Huey and all the maps available to date.

Knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor: Limited in that I can set up a very busy airfield and routes for Heli's & fixed wing/ships etc. Not progressed with the other tools like trigger points.

Preferred Heli - Chopper: I'm totally into Scouts.

Expectations w.r.t of BSD: Looking to join a professional in attitude Air Cav Unit that also has the Scout mentality (some fun along the way!). Getting back into the Gazelle in anticipation of the Kiowa's arrival. I'm looking forward to training and developing my skills so that I can participate in the missions.

Bit of Blurb: I have read numerous books on the Scouts in Vietnam and more recent theatre's and their exploits never fail to amaze me.  I have been simming since you could, I  fly the H500D, Bell 407 and Bell 429 in X-plane with VATsim. Recently acquired MSFS, awaiting VR and Heli's to arrive. Currently building up my airports and learning the interface, but I have big expectations of the OH58D having watched the various U-tube vid's (your recent guest). Had some real world training but, ran out of pennies......... sadly.

  • Re: Application from Trog

    by » one month ago

    Welcome Trog drop a line in the sign-in channel on our discord site. If the Gazelle is what you are looking for that would Lateo he is the EU OH platoon lead as well as the IP. I see you are GMT+1 so that's his area. He will get you set up on an intro flight with himself or Gismo both have RL flight time in the Gazelle. Gismo is a retired RN Sea King pilot with 90 hours in the Gazelle before transiting to the Sea King. So once again Welcome look forward to flying with you

  • Re: Application from Trog

    by » one month ago

    Hi, many thanks for the welcome and I shall follow up and put a call

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