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Application : DieHard

Category: RECRUITMENT 4 years ago

Call Sign:  DieHard


Age:  64


Internet Connection:  Time-Warner Cable dedicated Internet feed

Speed: 118 mbps Down /  12 mpbs Up  (  Supposed to get 300 down sometime soon as they are upgrading.


Time Zone: Eastern (-5 UTC)  NY State


Availability:  During week after 8PM (sometimes---anytime) and weekends usually.  I usually play late and wee hours.


Flight Time with DCS :  Been with DCS since 2011.  I have most of the available inventory, probably thousands of hours.  But that is not necessarily telling you anything.  Most of my time is in the Ka-50 and WWII birds.  I am best in the Ka-50, less so with the others.  I fly the 104th Phoenix server a lot, Red side, checkout my stats.  I go by DieHard on DCS, checkout my profile info.  Been simming since 1985 with my Commodore 64 and Microprose sims.  Took me a solid year to learn the Ka-50, self taught, and still learn stuff from her.


Mission Editor?  Almost nil.  I am not interested in creating missions.  And this may very well be the squasher me flying with you guys---I'm not interested.


Preferred Chopper?  Ka-50; Huey less so; Mi-8 I don't like.  Other choppers? :  price has to come down, I'll wait for a sale.  Especially in 2.0 would like to see an attack copter with the sensor pod above the rotors.  I mostly fly Ka-50 freehand in Flight Director.  If real life enemy in MP know the auto-route to target area, they may very well pay you a surprise visit.


Expectations?  Looking to fly my Ka-50 in interesting combat missions.  Looking to see if I can meld with you guys and you guys with me.  I'm a bit of a loner type.  My communications knowledge is also nil.  I do not like un-necessary chatter in-flight.  Wanna fly with me?  Meet on the 104th's server.  I don't talk much.


Hands down, best Ka-50 pilot in the game is Cooper.  Devilman is also pretty good on his used to be Tasmanian server (boy, don't call him an Aussie!  LOL!)  That's where I also met Cooper.


Current best MP missions I have found is with the F99th guys on 2.0


Saw your BSD sig from your post in the recent night-time post via DCS forums is why I stopped by.




  • Re: Application : DieHard

    by » 4 years ago

    Hi Die Hard and thanks for your honest/no BS presentation,

    As you might have read on the forum, the missions we are flying are all coop with a strong emphasis on making them as realistic as possible with correct use of radio communications, combat tactics and formations. There will most likely be no PvP missions. Being able to fly the Ka50 (or other choppers) and use the weapons and systems is only the minimum base required. Working efficiently in a real coop MP environment is 90% of what makes a good virtual pilot.

    Yes, the fact that you are not interested in participating at all in the life of this group except just flying the missions is a problem indeed. This will prevent you from really progressing within BSD. SO I am afraid you won't really find a real interest in the way we are flying here.

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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