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Hi everybody,

Call sign: McBain
Age: 39
Internet: landline 200mbps
Time zone: UTC +2 (Berlin)

Availability: flexible, in the evenings (~from 19:00), and usually more or less the whole weekends

DCS flight hours: in the hundreds, choppers and fixed wing ~50:50

Mission editor: just for building some training missions, so no triggers etc.
I've got a solid background in mission building in ARMA (yhea, not the same, I know),
but the concepts of waypoints, triggers, scripting are known. From what I've seen
I think I could adapt quite quickly.

Prefered chopper: KA-50 by far, then UH-1. I own the Mi-8, haven't really gotten into it yet.
The Gazelle is on my list for the next sale. Also I'm eagerly waiting for the Hind and
the Apache, and also the Bo-105 (I wish...).

Expectations: Flying with a group of people for a change (always have been a lone wolf),
and especialliy for choppers, that is even harder to find than for fixed wing.
Also I'm curious about the level of proficciency, as you have a lot of IRL pilots
in your ranks. So learning about tactics etc. is also on the list.

So, I'm looking forward to flying with you.


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    Welcome to BSD McBain, I´m from Germany as well, nice to have you here.
    I´m a UH Instructor Pilot here in the EU-UH Company. But you seem to become an AH Pilot.

    Contact an AH instructor in the sign-in Channel for an Intro Flight on the Platform you want to fly (probably KA-50 for now). Please make sure that you´ll have your SRS, Control devices as well as your Head Tracking Devices (TrackIR or VR) all properly set up for the Intro Flight. 

    Have fun

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    Hi thanks,

    yeah, will do that.



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