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New application Appie

Category: Recruiting Office one month ago

My application


My name is Albert (Appie) van der Heide.

I am a Dutchman from Amsterdam the Netherlands.
I fly simulators for years starting at microsoft flightsimulator 4.0.
I currently fly and modify to my needs. X-plane, Aerosoft FS2, IL2 and DCS.
All general GA and Helicopters and classic warbirds from WW1 to 1970. Mainly steamgauge and not so into FMS and other electronics.

I am a bachelor of science in precision engineering and work for a general engineering company.

Therefore I have technical and pogramming knowledge and use that to hack the soft and hardware to suit my simulator needs.

I have a multisim multiaircraft setup thats get optimized all the time to fine tune its use for the aircraft and simulators 

I served in the army under conscription and have seen the dutch BO-105 in action and fell in love with that kind of flying.
Never mastered sim helicopter flying until VR game allong and I am now hooked on it.

Because of my poor eyesight never was able to go for my own pilot license.
Use flightsimming to get the feeling on mainly out of the box and out of procedure flying.(NOT at the BSD)

  • your call sign:
  • your age:
    53 years alive and kicking
  • your type of internet connection and speed:
    cable 20Mb/s
  • your timezone:
    Amsterdam, Paris -1 Zulu
  • your availability during the week and or weekends.:
    All week evenings and all weekends (depending on real life job schedule). 
  • your approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS:
    I have DCS for years now. Its my I want to fly warbirds now simulator. Since VR I have invested more time in it on choppers
    estimated hours:
    +100 h UH-1, 20 h Black Shark, 20 h Gazelle and 5 h Mi-8.
    Also have the Harrier (not chopper but can do almost the same  tricks wink).
    Spent much more time in it since VR. Do VR since the day Oculus Rift came to the market. 
  • your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor:
    Basic knowledge used to modify missions to suit my needs. Mainly general flying and doing domestic civilian flying and slingloading. Recently SAR missions.
  • your preferred chopper (you can love them all!)
    UH-1, 2nd Gazelle (eagerly waiting for the MBB BO-105)
  • your expectations w.r.t BSD.:
    Turn me form a lazy hot start I want to start flying now, to a follow the procedures and stick to a combat plan pilot. I always wanted to dive deeper into the study level of the helicopters and other DCS modules but because of my demanding non day job fail to force myself to do this. I a have been self learning choppers now for a year and feel quit a hot shot in itcool which off course is not the case. So I want to progress in my skills end never have my rotor above the tree tops until it is absolutely necessary. Have some other sim shared flight experience and want to extend on this.

I hope this application gives enough information regarding me,
If more information is needed let me know.

With Regards.
Albert (Appie) van der Heide Bsc

  • Re: New application Appie

    by » one month ago

    Welcome Appie!

    First thing first we will set up an introduction flight with you. It can be any time that you and an Unit trainer or Instructor pilot are free.

    It gives you a good chance to see what we do, how we do and make up your mind if it is for you.
    It also gives us a good chance to see where you are with your skills and what if anything you need to work on.
    Very informal just a flight around the base and maybe a flight out to a ship and back. A chance to chat and get to know each other.

    Once you decide you like what you see, you will be asked to join as a trainee. You will have access to all the documents and information to help you advance and learn the helicopters you fly.

    The readiness level progression starts at RL3 and moves to RL1. We ask you at least attend twice a month to stay current on the training.
    The more you are here and active the more you will learn and advance.

    There are many knowledgeable pilots to help you along the way, any questions you have feel free to ask.

    So let's start the first step and get a good time to do an introduction flight.

    With BSD having both US and EU time zone flights even if you work odd hours you will be able to catch one flight or another.

    Welcome to the BSD.

  • Re: New application Appie

    by » one month ago

    Welcome to BSD Appie,

          Looking forward to flying with you. Our hours are a bit separated, but I will try and make sure I can get on and get your IF flight knocked out.


  • Re: New application Appie

    by » one month ago

    Great Intro Appie. Welcome to BSD!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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