Callsign: Terry

Age: 36

Connection type/speed: FIOS/50MBS+ Timezone: -7 GMT (MST)

Availability: Most nights 1700-2200 I fly with JTF-1 Sunday and Tuesday nights

Flight Hours: UH-1, ~10 hrs

Mission Editor knowledge: I build training maps and missions with basics triggers. No experience with LUA or MOOSE

Expectations: Have fun, challenge myself to perform at desired expectations. Complete challenging and dynamic missions with friends is the most fulfilling experience in DCS. I haven't flown the Huey much but I had IRL Huey stick time, so it's come quickly. Active Duty Huey Crew Chief with ~17 yrs flying experience ~4k hours and a bunch of GWOT deployments so the Huey has a special place in my heart. 

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