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New Application Charge 4

Category: RECRUITMENT 2 years ago

Call sign : Charge 4

Age: 42

Internet connection: 100+Kpbs?.

Timezone: PST/California

Availability: 4+ Hours every other day with stretches of 4 to 6 days off straight. Day or night. Due to work Schedule.

Number of flight hours: 500+   200 F/A-18, 50+ F-15/AV-8B, 300+ UH-1/MI-8 But don't really count them it because I still cannot land, or stay straight,except rolling landing and that's rough.

DCS Mission Editor knowledge level: Yes Lots, Love building Missions

Preferred chopper: MI-8--->     But have Uh-1 and Gazelle.

Expectations: To Learn to fly the Helos right an not be a detriment on missions by crashing in an Lz or Landing.


Modules in hand: MI-8,UH-1,Gaz----- F/A-18,F-15,AV-8B,A-10A,SU-27,Mig-21,Yak-52 and the free ones.

Maps: No Normandy

Cockpit setup: Track IR 5, 27 in monitor,TM 16000M Hotas and pedals,(have new X56 but not used yet)


About me: Been passionate about flying ever since I was a kid. I was a Sea Cadet and wanted to be an Ejection Seat Mechanic or PC on Tomcats or Hornets. but ended up in Marines as an Infantryman-- I know Right!!. Been in Military 25 years 19years as infantry(Marines, Army) spent 6  years in Air Force as a C-17 Load and F-15 Crew Chief, then back to Infantry.. Retire here in a year. Been to 22 Countries 8 Deployments (3 West Pac's, 1x Africa and Did Uncle Sams Desert Vacation 3x and his Mountain Vacation too 1x). Last go was in 12-13. I have served in Ukraine as a Weapons Specialst trainer. For Ukraine Army and National guard.  Civi World im in Public Saftey.  I got into DCS through a friend in my PTSD Clinic here in Cali and find it has been a God Send. Except For landing, harder than fighting the Tali's LOL.  BUt have had DCS over a year and Play almost everyday I can. I want to be a MI-8 Driver as I have flown in and operatd out of them in Europe and AFG. And like the style a mix of Lift and Assault. And love that Helo. I bring a fun laid back, joking personality, but serious when flying cause I would like to be good. And love to learn.

  • Re: New Application Charge 4

    by » 2 years ago

    Hi charge 4,and thanks for coming to BSD!

    Excellent presentation and pretty fascinating career! I am sure our pilots will have tons of questions for you. 

    We are usually taking our new members for a spin on line to make sure they are at least comfortable with multi-player flight and of course to get to know each others. Nothing very serious. Don t worry. Then you ll be assigned an IP to make sure you are good with some basics described in our training program. At this point, you ll be most welcome to our combat missions, but trainings are opened to all no matter the level.

    Are you flying monitor/trackir or VR? What type of controls are you using? Do you have a headset with microphone? We are using simple radio for our comms. We ll help you set this up if you don t have it yet. It is free and awesome. 

    If you are found of mission design, we love you already! We have two missions designers here and a third one would definitively help to maintain a good level of activity for the squad

    Oh yes, we are flying DCS open Beta. Not the release version. You can have both on your computer if you want and if you have the space for this on your hdd. 

    I saw you are on Discord. Have a chat with any one of us to set up an intro flight. Can be anytime any day as long as you and the IP or UT is available. 

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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    by » 2 years ago

    Awesome write up! Thanks for your service. 

    We have a lot of former and active military here as well.

    Next step is easy, we schedule a very informal flight on one of our servers just to BS and tell lies and get to know each other.

    The most we will do is some pattern work at the airfield and a quick flight around the area. That helps the Unit trainers or Instructor pilots to see where you are and what areas to work on.

    It is at you convenience and any UT or IP can get it going. If you feel we are a good fit for you and you like how it is going you will be moved to a trainee and gain access to more of the web site documents.

    Things such as our SOP and mods we use. Tasks for our RL2 and RL1 levels.

    You will have a Unit trainer assigned to you but you may fly with any UT or IP that is on line when you are to move up in the progression of our Readiness Level. 

    When you are free let us know and I will schedule a flight for you.


  • Re: New Application Charge 4

    by » 2 years ago

    Thanks for Welcome


    I am Rolling a track IR 5 and TM T16000M Hotas system and pedals. I have SRS as well and Headset and mic also. I am I like building missions, I actualy have a Heli One im finishing up here soon. I shoot it up to ya. Lots of stuff. Cargo,Escort, Medevac. A-10 CAS Coord. Low Light.


    I have a crap ton of mods for mission building so hopefully im good there but will be down for anythig, I tried to read the SOP and take test but was getting 404 error. Forgot to Mention I don't have Normandy. But next sale will get.



    See you guys soon.




  • Re: New Application Charge 4

    by » 2 years ago

    You'll get access to the library after your intro flight and IP assessment. Mods are standardized in BSD. Everyone must have the BSD mods packs installed properly for the missions to load. There are regular updates to the mods packs (one coming tonight). We have a repository that one can use with OvGME to make it simple for everyone.

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

  • Re: New Application Charge 4

    by » 2 years ago

    What an excellent application!   

    You'll fit in here well I think.  We have both active & former military and LE.  

    Lookin' forward to flying with you!

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