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Category: RECRUITMENT one month ago

Hi all!

Let me re-introduce myself cool

Call sign: Havok

Age (must be over 18 years old): 31

Type of internet connection and speed: cable internet, approx. 200 Mbps

timezone: GMT+2

Availability during the week and or weekends: Generally on Monday, Thursday and friday evening

Approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS: I don't know :) Many hours on fixed-wing, on helicopters (ka-50) about 50 hours 

Knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor: very low

Preferred chopper (you can love them all!): ka-50 and Mi-8

Expectations w.r.t BSD: a community where I can have fun and share skills.

Hope to flight with you soon! :)

  • Re: Application-Havok

    by » one month ago

    Welcome back Havok and thanks for the new introduction.

    Accounts of newly registered members are usually removed when they don't show up for their intro flight more than a month after registering. We do that in order to keep the website manageable with only active members. That's probably what happened to you.

    So the next step for you is to get on Discord (I already saw you there) and get an IP/UT for your intro flight. This will let you get a grip on the squadron's philosophy, meet the people there, and see if you like it. It will also make us evaluate how much training you will require to take part in our combat missions. There is a simple progression path in place to make sure we all have about the same minimum understanding of the machine we are flying as well as the specificities of helicopter operations.

    There is only two strict rules at BSD: No fixed wing activity and no pvp. For all the other rules, we understand there is real life that can go in the way.

    I understand you will probably be attached to the AH squadron in your region. (EU or US? Your website profile says US but your email address says EU).

    See you soon online!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

  • Re: Application-Havok

    by » one month ago

    Hi BaDCrC

    I'm from Italy so I should be in the EU Squadron.

    Regarding to the intro flight, I already had it with BlackWolf, but no problem probably this week I'll do it again! :)

  • Re: Application-Havok

    by » one month ago

    OK. I ll check with him and set you up accordingly.

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

  • Re: Application-Havok

    by » one month ago

    Yep, Havok you should be good to go, I'd like you to do another IF just to refresh some of the things. Its been a month so lets go over a few steps and how things work.. Just a quick flight nothing too long.


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