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Callsign: Ferryman (Kappi)

Age: 34 years

Connection:    DSL 6 Mbit/s

Timezone: CEST (UTC+2)

Available: 2-3 evenings during the week, in winter also on the weekends

Flight hours: 500< on Ka-50 since Black Shark 1, Mi-8 around 200 hours since Day 1.

Mission Editor: Haven't used that much, just created simple training missions...

Preferred chopper: Soviet choppers , but primarily the Ka-50

Expectations: I have non, just looking forward to flying in a semi professional way with likeminded people. BSD seems to be the right place for this, having a lot of people from around the world with the same interests and passion - helicopters (*-*).

Hope to meet you guys in the sky under some chopping blades :-)



  • Re: Don't pay the Ferryman...yet :-) (Application)

    by » 3 months ago

    Welcome Kappi! Glad to have you here. Are you going to go by Kappi or Ferryman? As I know you from other sims, it will be great to fly with you again here in DCS.

    First thing first we will set up an introduction flight with you. It can be any time that you and an Unit trainer or Instructor pilot are free.

    It gives you a good chance to see what we do, how we do and make up your mind if it is for you.
    It also gives us a good chance to see where you are with your skills and what if anything you need to work on.
    Very informal just a flight around the base and maybe a flight out to a ship and back. A chance to chat and get to know each other.

    Once you decide you like what you see, you will be asked to join as a trainee. You will have access to all the documents and information to help you advance and learn the helicopters you fly.

    The readiness level progression starts at RL3 and moves to RL1. We ask you at least attend twice a month to stay current on the training.
    The more you are here and active the more you will learn and advance.

    There are many knowledgeable pilots to help you along the way, any questions you have feel free to ask.

    So let's start the first step and get a good time to do an introduction flight.

    With BSD having both US and EU time zone flights even if you work odd hours you will be able to catch one flight or another.

    Welcome to the BSD.

  • Re: Don't pay the Ferryman...yet :-) (Application)

    by » 3 months ago

    Thank you, BK, much appreciated. I will go by the nickname of Ferryman since Kappi sounds to much like 'copy' which led to some confusion in the past on English speaking comms :-D I use Kappi primarily in IL-2 and German comms ^^

    I will get some hours in preparation for the Intro flight and will contact you guys as soon as I´m ready.



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