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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Vin, application in place of Xav

Category: Recruiting Office 12 months ago
  • your call sign: Vin
  • your age: 51
  • your type of internet connection and speed: 14Mbps / 24Mbps
  • your timezone: CET, GMT+1
  • your availability during the week: Usually 1-2 days a week. As from November I will be at home every two weeks, so around 2-4 sessions a month.
  • number of flight hours already spent on DCS:  No idea. Enough for a trainee I guess.
  • your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor: Around 7 out of 10. 
  • your preferred chopper (you can love them all!): Mi-8, Huey, Ka-50 (ish).
  • your expectations w.r.t BSD.:  Have fun! 
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