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FAC testing (SA342, FW)

FAC testing tonight on the PG map.  

We need SA342 pilots (any version of the 342) and a couple guys sufficiently familiar with FW aircraft that can work with a JTAC/Laser:

The goal here is to test the FAC capability.

If you wish to fly a fixed wing to help test, you must be 100% familiar beforehand on how to obtain a laser spot and successfully deploy laser guided munitions.

No mods mission will be running.

Mission will be night time (make sure you perform you NVG fix for SA342L if desired)


SR will be in use.  

UHF: 252.000  (fixed wing)

VHF:  127.500

Event Properties

Event Date 06-20-2019 9:00 pm
Mission End Date 06-20-2019 11:00 pm
Capacity 8
Registered 0
Available place 8
Created By Augustus Fargo
Creator Fargo
Expected Flight Hours 2
Time Zone Romeo
Alpha Group 1
Alpha Callsign Bat
Alpha Aircraft type SA342
Alpha Size 4
Bravo Group 1
Bravo Callsign Punch
Bravo Aircraft type AIRSUP
Bravo Size 4
Charlie Aircraft type INOP
Delta Aircraft type INOP
Echo Aircraft type INOP
Foxtrot Aircraft type INOP
Location Persian Gulf
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