Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
Close Air Support
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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
Anti tank, convoy escort, spec ops

BSD_EU flight night

Squad night! Formation take offs, flights and landings.

We will work on fixed formation take off,flight landing,leader changes and combat gun runs.

Event Properties

Event Date 06-15-2019 2:00 pm
Mission End Date 06-15-2019 4:00 pm
Capacity 8
Registered 2
Available place 6
Created By Black Wolf
Creator BK
Expected Flight Hours 2
Time Zone Romeo
Alpha Group 1
Alpha Callsign Any
Alpha Aircraft type INOP
Alpha Size 8
Bravo Aircraft type INOP
Charlie Aircraft type INOP
Delta Aircraft type INOP
Echo Aircraft type INOP
Foxtrot Aircraft type INOP
Location Caucasus
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