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Operation Bigfoot

Operation Bigfoot

A group of civilian Scientists have been captured by Russian extremists and were taken hostages somewhere in the mountains in the Caucasus region.
NATO Intelligence was able to track down the exact position of the military Camp were the group is located at the moment. 
The good news is that the Area is not heavily defended, but the bad news is the terrain. It´s a terrain actually not really suitable for Helicopter Operations but we have to get them out at all costs nonetheless.

Common Mission Description
Identify the Position of the allied forces out of mountainous Area with some prep work for OH and UH and following Attackrun by AH on enemy positions and extraction of the casualties. This will be a night Mission, so fully working Night Mission capability is mandatory. If we have no AH Pilots around then, we set up Mi-8´s as gunships.


Phase 1: 
All Flights take off from Sotchi Adler at 05:00 am to FARP Dallas which was prepared at the town of Esto Sadok approx. 21 nm North of Sotchi. 

Phase 2:
Shadow flights begin recon at the AO and report Targets to Reaper. Buffalo and Rhino are carrying Material to FARP Dallas in order to set it up. This is a crucial task. If the FARP can not get set up then the whole operation will fail.

Phase 3:
Reaper will start attacks against enemy Positions and Rhino prepares for extraction. Buffalo will be seat up as gunship and flies escort for Rhino along with Shadow.
After successful extraction, all flights RTB to Sotchi for debriefing

- 2 Mi8 and 2 UH minimum required
- OH and AH welcome but optional
- NVG and sling load qualification 
- RL2

Weather conditions:
rainy weather with moderate winds and very little fog (typical for wet and rainy mountainous Area)
wind 4m/sec from 289
temp: 12 degrees C

Event Properties

Event Date 04-26-2020 11:00 am
Mission End Date 04-26-2020 1:00 pm
Capacity 15
Registered 12
Available place 3
Created By Daniel Schoenyan
Creator Memphis291
Expected Flight Hours 2
Time Zone Romeo
Alpha Group 1
Alpha Callsign Rhino
Alpha Aircraft type UH1
Alpha Size 4
Bravo Group 1
Bravo Callsign Buffalo
Bravo Aircraft type Mi8
Bravo Size 5
Charlie Group 1
Charlie Callsign Shadow
Charlie Aircraft type SA342
Charlie Size 3
Delta Group 1
Delta Callsign Reaper
Delta Aircraft type KA50
Delta Size 3
Echo Aircraft type INOP
Foxtrot Aircraft type INOP
Location Caucasus
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