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Goztreh in hot!

Category: RECRUITMENT one month ago

Callsign: Goztreh

Age: 40

Connection type/speed: 1Gbs

Timezone: CET (UTC+2h)

Availability: 2 to 3 times a week

Flight Hours in DCS:

 2000h logged on my previous squadron (, the same as Giat and the old one of Bad ;) ) 500h logged hours on RW

Mission Editor knowledge: Medium, small scripting with mist and CTLD


Hi Guys,

I'm Richard from Bordeaux FRANCE.

I'm a RW lover. I fly in DCS since 2007 and particulary and only in chopper since 1 year now. I use to fly mostly in french but now I want to open the opportunity of "bigger" helo flights.

And the english language is then mandatory. I have learnt a lot since this year. So I want to join your team, to share and learn more and more. 

I can fly and combat in the 4 helo DCS as to offer but I really really really (yes that's a lot) like, love, dream, the Ka-50.

So my application is for the AH-EU.

Thanks for the reading and already for the welcoming.

See you soon in DCS and SRS.


  • Re: Goztreh in hot!

    by » one month ago

    Hi my Friend :) 

    Glad you decided yourself too :)

  • Re: Goztreh in hot!

    by » one month ago

    Hi Goz! Welcome to BSD and thanks for the intro. 

    Next step for you is to get your intro flight. You know the drill. Blackwolf or Snakepit are in the EU region for AH, but Fargo or Reb can be available in the afternoons since they are US. You are already on Discord so give them a shout and let's have you quickly into our missions.

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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