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Gunslinger Application

Category: RECRUITMENT one year ago

Callsign: Gunslinger

Age: 35

Connection type/speed: FIOS/50MBS+ Timezone: -6 GMT (CST)

Availability: Most nights 1700-2130 

Flight Hours: KA-50 around 150ish 

Mission Editor knowledge: intermediate, can create missions with some triggers heavy focus on maritime starts and convoy escorts. My preferred helo is the KA 50

Expectations: Collaborative and constructive. I was a fires liaison officer at Fort Hood and spent the last few years of my career attached to a apache BN. I enjoy flying cas/vcas as well as FAC(A) missions. I very much look forward to the warrior kiowa and hind coming soon as well as the ka-50 updates. Ideally I would want to fly something with a strict attack role or light attack/recon (gazelle/kiowa someday). I especially like the AH-1 carrier born attack role and enjoy any mission with a launch recovery off a carrier. I look forward to flying with all of you and getting to know you a little better. 




  • Re: Gunslinger Application

    by » one year ago

    Welcome Gunslinger!

    Thanks for this introduction. It's good that you have some mission design knowledge. We are really encouraging our members to take an active part in the BSD community and creating missions is an excellent way of maintaining a regular activity for all of our pilots.

    The only thing you have to do now is to get on one of those training sessions that we have regularly. Next one is tomorrow 2100 EST. You can't register yet but let me know if you want to join. We'll have a quick simple flight around Batumi and we will evaluate what you know already and what you don't. It is also an opportunity to meet the pilots here and see if what we can offer is what you are looking for.

    If you are not available tomorrow we can always have another session later this weekend. Stick around the BSD Discord Channel. This is where the everyday stuff is happening.

    See you soon!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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