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New application

Category: Recruiting Office one month ago

Hello my name is Hugo callsign Jigari and this is my application for Thr Black Shark's Den,


My callsign is Jigari as mentioned above 

My age is 16 

I am on a wired connection with my ping at 15 and my download at 107mbs

I am in time zone Zulu or BST

I am available most days unless I am out with family or at cadets on Tuesdays and Thursdays

I have spent roughly around 200 hours in the whole of DCS but only recently picked up the Black Shark and The Huey 

Not much knowledge in the mission editor 

My preferred chopper is mainly the Black Shark and I also like the huey

My expectations within BSD is too extend my knowledge in choppers and enjoy some missions in helicopters while still learning things everyday.   

  • Re: New application

    by » one month ago

    Hello Hugo.

    Well. You check out pretty much everything but I am afraid you are just short of the 18 years old we are asking to join BSD. I know this is super frustrating but there is a legal risk to have minors for BSD since the environment is a bit... well mature.

    I am really sorry about that.


    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

  • Re: New application

    by » one month ago

    Thankyou very much for your reply and I completely reply thank you for your kind reply.


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