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Application: Flappie

Category: RECRUITMENT 6 months ago


Call Sign: Flappie

Age: 38

Internet Speed: 100 Mb/s

Timezone: GMT+1 (Paris)

Availability: Essentially Sunday evenings and Thursday evenings. Sometimes I also fly mid-day on the weekend.

Flight Hours: I've been flying the Black Shark and the Huey since they came out. I'm still a rookie Mi-8 pilot though (I also fly a lot of fixed-wing aircraft, I'd say 50/50).

Mission Editor: I've made a ton of multiplayer missions, and 2 multiplayer campaigns.

Preferred chopper: Both Ka-50 and UH-1H. Desperately waiting for the ROK BO-105 to happen as well.

Expectations: I'm expecting helicopter-only missions (I already know I won't be disappointed at all) with a lot of fun, and also to perfect my helicopter handling.

I work for the Paris subway network in software engineering. I started LOMAC/DCS with Flaming Cliffs 1, then jumped into the Ka-50, then DCS. I kind of "drive" a small French community, but many of the guys there do not like to fly too "seriously".

I've been making an accurate Caucasus map for DCS2.5 since 2018. BaD_CrC was the spark, and he invited me to join BSD a long time ago. Now that my map is online as a webmap (, I have some more spare time.

My rig: R2700X; 32Gb Ram, Nvidia 1080 Ti; Warthog HOTAS; VKB rudder pedals Mk IV; Track IR; 24" Monitor

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