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Picure's Application

Category: Recruiting Office 8 months ago
  • Your call sign: Picure (Picure without the T, pronounced at Pe-cure)
  • Your age: 35
  • Your type of internet connection and speed: Fiber. I get about 251~239 for BSD server.
  • Your timezone: Taiwan (GMT+8)
  • Your availability during the week: Mostly weekdays Mon~Wed. Sometimes weekends but depends on work.
  • Number of flight hours already spent on DCS: I flew quite a lot of KA50 back around 2011 and just started to get back into it Dec 2019. Guessing about 80~90 hrs total. I am currently on mission #8 on the Caucasus 'Deployment' Campaign.
  • Your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor: Minimal~none. I watched a few tutorials on youtube and that's about it.
  • Your preferred chopper: KA50
  • Your expectations w.r.t BSD.: I am looking for like minded people who enjoy realistic helecopter combat operations. I would also like to learn as much as I can from the BSD community about the KA50 and more.


       Thanks a lot!

       Jack Ko

  • Re: Picure's Application

    by » 8 months ago

    Hi Picure, Welcome to the group!

    First thing to do is have a very informal introduction flight. It gives us a chance to fly around, chat and gives you a chance to see if this is for you.

    If it is, you will become a trainee and we will start work on the Readiness level or RL. You start out as a 3 and work your way up to a 1. Its not too hard just some skills and task's to complete and master.

    We have quite a few KA-50 pilots here so you came to the right place to learn all you can about it. Also as a trainee you will have access to all the information,documents and mods we have.

    GMT+8 you would fall into the BSD_EU group. Unless you have a schedule where EST time zone works better for you.

    Ok so lets set up a time to get this flight done. I and free most of the time for the next two weeks so just let me know when is good for you.

    If you have not do so, please join us on Discord. We chat a lot there.


  • Re: Picure's Application

    by » 8 months ago

    After looking at the time zone map, the US branch might be better for you, our EU flight time would be 330 AM for you while the US time would be about 10 AM for you. Just depends on your schedule. But we can still get the intro flight done just let me know when is good for you.

  • Re: Picure's Application

    by » 8 months ago

    Hi Blackwolf, thanks for the reply! When I’m free, I’m usually free the entire day so whenever is alright for me.

    Are we ok to fly 12/23? When would be a good time for you in Zulu time?


    Also, I have joined discord already and chatted with some guys there before, forgot the catch their names but I remember one of the guys is a AH64 pilot.


    Looking forward to flying with you!



  • Re: Picure's Application

    by » 8 months ago

    Ah yes that would be Gunslinger, we have a few RL pilots on here. 12/23 would work for me, 19 to 2000z would work or later,whatever works for you. I'm off work for two weeks so I'm free anytime.

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