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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Rogue Bear, Registering Interest

Category: Recruiting Office 9 months ago

Callsign: Rogue Bear
Age: 42
Internet Connection: ADSL ~15mb/s
Timezone: UK (GMT)
Availability: Weeknights and weekends
Aprx Flight hours in DCS: Countless thousands all the way back to the flanker series
ME Knowledge: Basic (I can throw missions together, understand some scripting)
Preferred Helo: Would you tell your children is your favorite? (ok Gazelle if I was pushed)

I'm looking for some rotorheads to fly with.  Emphasis on reasonably serious teamwork, but without going full milsim.  That is to say, organised but don't expect me to salute you.  I get annoyed with idle chit chat on main comms, but I will drop an inappropriate comment to my gunner when they're trying to line up a shot.  I may or may not be wearing pants when flying.

Please accept me, I'm needy.

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