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Diovin Application

Category: Recruiting Office 10 months ago

Callsign: Diovin

Age: 19

Internet: Ethernet at currently at 400 mbps

Timezone: Eastern (UTC-5:00)

Availability: I'm a college student with a very heavy schedule so my time during the week is often sparse and inconsistent. I can sometimes find time on Tuesday afternoons but not always. My best time is on the weekends since I can usually schedule a couple hour chunk as long as I know what time in advance. 

Flight Hours: Over 200 total hours, but time in flight is probably pretty close to 200. Almost all of that is in fixed wing aircraft though, and I literally only just picked up the huey which I probably have one or two hours in now.

Mission Editor: I have enough knowledge to make myself practice missions, but nothing too complex.

Preferred Heli: Huey (only one I own)

Expectations: I'm just looking to learn more about helicopters and get some opportunities to fly with a team and participate in some missions.


  • Re: Diovin Application

    by » 10 months ago

    Welcome.. are you in discord? we can have a intro flight when you have time

  • Re: Diovin Application

    by » 10 months ago

    He is Tupp, under the 906th group.

    Welcome to BSD Diovin! As Tupper said and I went over a little with you on voice. First thing to do is schedule a intro flight. Its a lot like what we did. Just fly around the airfield do some hovers,  take off's,things like that. Its a chance for you to get to know the guys and for them to see where you are with your skills. 

    We have our own SOP and way we do things like take off as a flight. Things like that. Its also a chance for you to see if you like what we are doing, how we do and all.

    Just let a Red or Blue guy (IP's/UT's) know on Discord when you want to go.

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