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New application : Plon

Category: Recruiting Office 10 months ago

• Callsign: Plon

• Age: 43

• Connection type/speed: 20 Mb/s

• Time zone : UTC/Zulu +2 before october 27th, UTC/Zulu + 1 after October 27th (Yeah, french people are strange).

• Availability: Mostly beginning of the week, (monday, tuesday), sometimes during the week-end and Sundays. 2100 (UTC+2 or +1 as explained one line above) most of the time.

• Flight Hours: No way to track hours spent in DCS (Since Black shark 1). Hundreds for sure. Mostly Huey (my true love), Ka-50 too but need to find time to refresh my memory, especially startup procedure, learning MI-8 (still need to learn weapon management and radio communication) and trying to like Gazelle but it's not really a success.

• Mission Editor knowledge: really basic (I only created basic training missions with static units on ground...) No script.

• Setup : Hotas warthog, saitek rudder pedals, DIY kind of trim box (5 axis and plenty of button), a good old trackir 3 (since more than 15 years) and oculus rift.

• Maps : All.

• Expectations: Having fun and learning with a mature community, opening DCS gameplay to a true new interesting cooperative dimension for a helo lover. Practicing English too :) (I do apologize in advance for my accent)
For now I played almost solo with downloaded mission and campaigns and a few month ago I discovered the Fraternity server (good community, reactive and helpfull), server where I met and fly with OJ.

(There is few server I know where Huey can shine.)

Before I flew with a french WWII squadron, but competitive only PVP was terribly boring and repetitive... I prefer cooperative gameplay

  • Re: New application : Plon

    by » 10 months ago

    Hi Plon and welcome to BSD.

    I saw we missed you last time on Discord. Sorry about that.

    I believe you will be flying mostly with our recent EU branch that BlackWolf is leading. We are also trying  to have weekends event for both EU and US to fly together. But it is not always regular. 

    Cooperative missions is the base of Black Shark Den. PvP for helicopters doesn't really make sense anyway. We have a structured training program too to make sure missions are enjoyable for everyone, experienced or less experienced.  the training program is based on the US Army one. You'll be starting with a Readiness level of 3 to progress all the way up to a RL 1. The first step is to get an intro flight to gauge your level. Requirements are very basic. Startup cold and dark, take off and fly while maintaining a given speed, altitude and heading. Make sure you have your SRS/Discord push to talk properly set up as well as your controls in general.  We are providing training with the expectation that you will be able to attend at least one mission with us every month. This gentleman agreement is to make sure that the hours the IP (instructor) is spending with you are worth a regular BlackSharkDen pilot for missions.

    There is a general consensus in the community that good missions are scripted ones. This can't be further from the truth and the consequences are serious as it often prevents new mission designers from creating missions because they don't master scripts. It is actually rare for a good mission ro require scripts as 90% of what is ususally required for a mission is already available in the mission editor. For those 10% let, at BSD we have a script master (Tupper) who kinda already developped most of the scripts you should ever need anyway and who can help you.

    Looking forward to fly with you online.

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

  • Re: New application : Plon

    by » 10 months ago

    Nice to hear from you again!

    Plon and I flew Hueys the other night, and he seemed capable, and mature enough to suit what we do.

    So welcome to the discord and website, and I hope to be able to welcome you to BSD soon.

  • Re: New application : Plon

    by » 10 months ago

    Thanks, and no problem for yesterday.
    @OJ : it was nice to you to invite me to join BSD !


    I'm ok with the rules above and the training program is totally ok for me, and at least one flight a month is easily doable.
    I'm absolutely interested in creating mission, and scripting, but there is two problems :

    - I have no military training/culture, so creating a good mission with a good structure, a bit realist, with a good briefing,and a good usage of vocabulary (in english) is for now impossible for me.
    - Days are definitely too shorts :)


    I'll try to catch Blackwolf for the first flight any day to come.

  • Re: New application : Plon

    by » 10 months ago

    Yeah Sorry I missed you, I got doing things around the house and lost track of time.

    I will have time tomorrow before the mission, maybe 1730 or 1800 zulu if you are free?


  • Re: New application : Plon

    by » 10 months ago

    Hello Blackwolf, I send you a message in Discord about my free time to do the first flight.

    See you !

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