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Spartan Application

Category: Recruiting Office 12 months ago

Callsign: Spartan

Age: 25

Connection type/speed: FIOS/50MBS+ Timezone: -6 GMT (CST)

Availability: Most nights 1700-2130 

Flight Hours: KA-50 at-least 300 hrs, A10C 200+, Harrier 100

Mission Editor knowledge: Beginner, can create missions heavy focus on maritime starts. My perfered helo is the KA 50

Expectations: Fun and informative. I'm not looking for a strict mil sim I understand that protocol is necessary and expected but ultimately this is a hobby I enjoy not a job. Personal spill: National Guardsman and Polymer Chemist ( Army life has been split between being an Engineer officer and a aviation liaison when I was at Fort Hood on active duty/ I develop new rubber compounds on the civilian side). DCS and recently scale modeling are my two biggest hobbies. I would call myself proficient in the KA50 although I've never had the chance to fly it in a group bigger than a two ship. I look forward to learning more about the airframe and especially excited for the upcoming updates. I've been a part of a few CAS focused groups and would like to branch my knowledge on rotory  wing as well. Ideal airframe for DCS would be the AH-1. *why can't ED develop some western attack helos too?!

  • Re: Spartan Application

    by » 12 months ago

    Hi Spartan and welcome!

    Thanks for this proper introduction. Every pilot joining a squadron have different expectations. From the one who wants to strictly stick to the real thing to the one who just want to jump in and shoot things up. It's a delicate exercise for a squad to find a good balance between all those expectations. I would say we are closer to the realism side but without being ultra hard core and we understand that real life comes first too. We do fly missions where no shots are fired and we usually enjoyed them as much as the ones with a target rich environment. We don't have a strong requirement for attendance but the combat missions are designed for our pilots who fly with us at least once a month. This way, proficiency is maintained and combat missions are enjoyable for everyone.

    Let's find a training session where you are available for your introduction flight. I think this should be a walk in the park for you with all those flight hours. We usually have our training sessions once a week, mostly Tuesdays 2100 EST or Wednesdays same time. There are also session in the afternoons for our EU branch. But anyone can join if he is available.

    I think you already joined our Discord server. This is where most of our everyday discussions occur. You'll have no issue to give a shout to an IP for the intro flight.

    See you there soon!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

  • Re: Spartan Application

    by » 12 months ago

    Hey Spartan it's good to have another Guard guy here. I definitely get what you are saying it is a game but it is also a sim so some of the stuff we do that is more on the realistic side is so that we can operate in a flight larger than two. We don't really do the big oporders with the AMCM, AMB, or rehearsals but we do show up with a plan. I think you should have a couple of flights with us and see how you like it you will probably find that with your background that it really is not that hard to fit in around here. 

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