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Application Activity

Category: RECRUITMENT one year ago

Call sign: Activity

Age: 24

Internet: 100 Mbps Up, 100Mbps Down

Timezone: GMT+1 (Alpha)

Availability: Most weeknights 19:00 - 00:00, available all weekends except every 1 in 4.

Flight hours: UH-1H: 40 hrs. Mi-8: 20 hrs Ka-50: 20 hrs. SA342: 10 hrs (very rough estimate)

Mission Editor knowledge level: Intermediate. Got experience making dynamic mission for a small group of players, got some experience using the MOOSE framework making a 24/7 mission running right now called "War of Abkhazia".

Preferred chopper: Can't say I have one favourite, as of late I've been enjoying the Ka-50 but I do love the UH-1H and Mi-8 too.

Expectations: Looking for a primary group to fly DCS with in weekly events, but also during normal weeknights.

  • Re: Application Activity

    by » one year ago

    Hi, Activity,

    Welcome to the group. Based on your time zone you look like the BSD_EU squad would be the one for you. 1900 to 00:00 Z is our area. I see you have all the choppers and have flown them for a few hours.

    As far as making missions and using/ building scripts, that would put your talents and skill's right up there. As the BSD_EU is a new extension of the group we are finding our way. Right now we fly on Saturdays at 1800 Zulu and once the squad is properly stood up we will also have a night during the week.

    Training is a big part of what we do to get all our pilots on the same page, be it EU or US squads. Missions to follow as we get up to speed. 

    The first thing I would like to do is invite you to a introduction flight. This is a chance for you to see what we do and see if it would be a good fit for you. It also gives us a chance to see how well you can handle your chopper and any work, if any is needed. Once we do that flight if you feel its a good fit for you and we feel the same, you will be asked to join. If you do, you will then have access to the SOP documents and all others. We will then start you on a readiness level training. RL2 to RL1. It should only take a few flights to do so. I have a custom kneeboard that spells out just what is needed. Also common radio channels we use.

    For your introduction flight you may use any chopper you want. I look forward to flying with you. Let me know when is a good day/time to get the first flight in.


    CO, BSD_EU

  • Re: Application Activity

    by » one year ago

    Welcome to BSD Activity! I can see you are in BK's good hands. Looking forward to fly with you soon!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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