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Application for Fireball

Category: RECRUITMENT 2 years ago
  • your call sign
    • Fireball
  • your age (must be over 18 years old)
    • 42
  • your type of internet connection and speed
    • 4G LTE Hotspot, about 1.5mbs (no issues with MP Servers)
  • your timezone
    • +5 (EST / EDST)
  • your availability during the week and or weekends.
    • Good most weekends, week days depend on work (I work at a hospital)
  • your approximate number of flight hours already spent on DCS
    • 70 flight hours, about 40 in BS2
  • your knowledge level with the integrated DCS Mission Editor
    • I know where to find it ... that's about it really
  • your preferred chopper (you can love them all!)
    • Black Shark 2, only Rotary wing module i have but will get more soon
  • your expectations w.r.t BSD.
    • Be able to fly and co-ordinate with other players to complete missions, specific roles like "Light Armour target/Infantry suppression", "Heavy armoured Targets" and so on
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    by » 2 years ago


  • Re: Application for Fireball

    by » 2 years ago

    Welcome Fireball and thank you for your application. Don't bother with other fixed wing module. Just stick with the Rotaries. wink (in general, you can't have a decent level in any modules if you are flying too many of them). I recommend you though to try to get familiar with a transport helicopter too like the Mi8 (this will work well with the Ka50) because our missions are not always covering all the platforms. 

    Anyway. I saw you did the right thing and joined the BSD discord channel. You just need to get an IP on the channel (Fargo, Eagle-Rising or myself for the Ka50)  and setup an introduction flight for your quick evaluation. You have 1 month to do your evaluation flight. Then we are asking our pilots to fly at least once a month to maintain currency.

    See you very soon!

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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    by » 2 years ago

    Welcome Fireball! 

    As Bad said get with one of us (Red or Blue guys on Discord) to set up a flight. The Ka-50 works a little different from the others, trim is different as its made to fly itself allowing you to go heads down in cockpit and use the weapons. Mi-8 or a Huey is a great choice for a lift/gunship chopper to have, or both if you can catch a sale. I like them both but lean more to the UH-1H for a new pilot to rotary wings as its more forgiving as far as VRS, simple systems IMO.

    To quote my buddy Nero on the KA-50 "Controlling the KA-50 feels like a discussion with the autopilot and trim system about the flight direction"

    :) Look forward to flying with you.


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  • Re: Application for Fireball

    by » 2 years ago

    Thanks all,

    This last week has been a real rollercoaster with work (I work at a hospital) and with family.

    I hope to fly with you all soon.
    I will be organizing the first flight soon

    See you on Discord


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