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Redback application

Category: RECRUITMENT 2 years ago

Callsign:  Redback

Age: 46

Internet connection and speed:  Fast.  Don't know the exact numbers, but going to get even faster soon

Time Zone:  Mountain

Availability:  Pretty free during most weeknights until about 9pm and on Weekends during the day too. 

Approximate amount of time spent in DCS: ????? Really haven't any idea, but I've had DCS for years, played it on and off, and primarily emphasized helicopters

Knowledge of Mission Editor:  Very little.  Thus far, only have created the simplest of tasks.

Preferred Helicopters: Mi-8, Ka-50, Uh-1, in that order.  Basic familiarity with all of these, but need much more learning in them all.  I'm most current with Mi-8.  

Expectations:  I hate this part of any application I've ever had to fill out, by the way.  Honestly, having fun is the primary goal and expectation!  A little background:  Flight simulation has been something I've been doing since I was a child, but I really only started getting "serious" about it when I started flying the PMDG airplanes in FSX.  I was amazed and captivated by the level of complexity and fidelity that could be had on a desktop computer.  I've had DCS for several years, but a lot of that time, I either didn't have the right hardware to do it properly, or I said "I'll put it on hold for a while, until the next version" or something like that.  In the meantime, I got involved in technically simpler games like Rise of Flight or Il-2, that require a lot of skill and tactics, but not a lot of technical or procedural knowledge of the aircraft itself.  These were the first games I ever played online in a mutliplayer environment.  I enjoyed the competion and the cameraderie, the cooperation, and the learning.  Since then, I've really had little interest in the single player experience except for just training myself.  And yet, with a sim of the complexity of DCS, there are so many areas where I'm simply not capable of training myself (and it's pretty darned lonely, once one has tasted multiplayer).  So, in terms of my interest in Black Shark Den, I'm looking for a group that does the multiplayer thing, but also will indulge my desire to have a certain level of complexity, and will hold me to a high standard, but also is willing to teach.  I guess there are many outfits in the world of DCS that could claim that description, but this is flight simulation, and if I'm going to be doing simulation, I want to be able to get to the point where I can do it almost as if it were the real thing;  After the intro flight, I see BSD clearly fits exactly what I'm looking for.   You guys can teach me, and I'm sure you will.  I clearly have a lot to learn, almost to the point where it seems overwhelming, but I know that when I get good, it will be all the more satisfying.  I know that satisfaction will come when I do what I'm supposed to do, learn what I'm supposed to learn, and can perform at a level where wingmen have faith in me that I can fulfill my virtual 'job' as part of the team.  Hopefully I can get to that point, and gain your respect:  That's an expectation I place upon myself.


P.S.  I also expect that BSD will help me figure out what callsign I should have :)

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