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Application for Tnt

Category: Recruiting Office 10 months ago

Call sign : Tnt

Age: 40

Internet connection: NBN/25Mbps if I am correct.

Timezone: Kilo/ Sydney

Availability: Week 1/3 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Week 2/4 Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Friday. The weeks will swap on monthly basis.

Number of flight hours: Black Shark 2 - 21hours 27min, A-10C - 8 minutes.

DCS Mission Editor knowledge level: Zero, did not touch that at all. Having said that I would love to learn to edit/make missions.

Preferred chopper: Ka-50, will learn to fly other in the future.

Expectations: To play in a positive and friendly environment. I would like to learn anything and everything about how to fly as a team. All sorts of missions type, in peace time and war. Radio terminology etc.


Modules in hand: Ka-50 2, Mi-8, Spitfire, F-18, A-10C, A-10A, Su-33 and the free ones.

Maps: All maps.

Cockpit setup: Track IR, 2 x Screen Setup, a DIY cheap version Collective which is very helpful, building necessary panels for Ka-50.


About me: Been passionate about flying ever since I was a kid, tried getting into the Air Force wasn't selected due to stammer; Army Aviation for Helis, got sick before the test; Navy!, they need full engineering, and I just had Maths and Physics at that time. Couldnt afford PPL/CPL, so I started playing simulations. Thanks to DCS for awesome sims. Other than WWII planes, I tried the fixed wing jets, but they were no fun, felt I was flying a 2 dimensional thing. Loved the black shark 1, played some missions then I went in to RC Flying. Did that and still doing it, flying and building RC planes, when time allows. There is nothing like being at home, piloting Helis. At the moment I am thinking of building a simpit, have figured out the programming thing, waiting for the buttons and toggles which i am gonna use to build panles "really got inspired by BaD Crc's pit, simply amazing. The only that comes to my mind is that, Ill be fixed with one type of heli, and how would it feel if I am flying a Mi-8 in a black shark simpit. So I have decided to build necessary panels which will help me in being efficient in the flying/datalink/weapon targeting.

  • Re: Application for Tnt

    by » 10 months ago

    Hi Tnt! 

    Glad to see you here and thanks for this great introduction.

    Being in Sydney if you are free during the afternoons, it might not be such a big deal after all. We will have a training session this coming Tuesday, same time 2100 NYC. Why don't you join us and have a nice intro flight?

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  • Re: Application for Tnt

    by » 10 months ago

    Hi BaD,

    Thanks for having me for a try out. Sure I can do Tuesday 2100, I believe as we are 16 hours ahead of New York, so it will be Wednesday 1300 here, I can manage that as well, no worries. I have installed open beta, now loading the heli modules and maps only. 

    I will need help with setting up simple radio for later, cause I have never played DCS bs2 as MP, hence never used the radios ascwell.

    Looking forward


  • Re: Application for Tnt

    by » 10 months ago

    Make sure you follow the instructions to install SRS. If you do, there is no reason it won't work for you Tuesday. We'll meet on Discord, UNiCOM voice channel.

    Check out BSD website! BSD on FB BSD on TW BSD on PT BSD on YT

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