Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
Close Air Support
Troops and Logistics
Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
Search and Rescue
Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
Anti tank, convoy escort, spec ops


MAY - The viral edition...

MARCH - Crazy 2020 Kickoff!


NOVEMBER- Halloween edition.

SEPTEMBER - Back to school!

JUNE - Time to spring clean your skills!

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JANUARY - Exciting New Year for BSD!


NOVEMBER- Getting Ready for 2019!

OCTOBER - Getting colder? Come and fly with us over the Persian Gulf!

SEPTEMBER - The back to school edition!

AUGUST - Noble Partner 2018 sotry by Eagle_Rising, Combatflite update, new video!

JULY - Exclusive Combatflite beta preview and pictures from our annual meeting!

APRIL - BSD dedicated server, multi squadron event.

MARCH - DCS 2.5, Annual IRL meeting, Multi squadron event.

FEBRUARY - 2018 is going to rock at BlackSharkDen!


NOVEMBER - What has been going on?

OCTOBER - October BSD Newsletter.