• Fri 07 May
    Mods Packs 00 Update

    With 2.,7, some objects had to be removed to prevent the game from crashing.

  • Fri 07 May
    New mission creation and registration on BSD website

    Check out the new mission creation and registration on the website with this tutorial.

  • Sun 25 Apr
    SRS Client and Server Update BSD Server updated.

Spinning loader



Meet a BSD Pilot (November 2020).

This month we are starting a new initiative where High Command picks an outstanding pilot to interview and spotlight his/her contributions to the group. There is not a set formula to pick a pilot. It is random, not based on RL status or time in the group but is set by how active you are in BSD.

This month's member we will feature is Statua and we will ask him a few questions about how and why he does what he does for the group. How he came to the group and who he is in the real world.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL INTERVIEW (you need to be logged in)

We look forward to interviewing a lot of you as we go on.

BlackWolf - BSD EU Company Officer

Update Dec 12th 2019

Another update from Polychop making the Kiowa module official with ED. All light are green contractually wise. Now waiting for the release hopefully early next year. 

Some new Kiowa shots

The site wargameguru posted some cool screenshots of the upcoming OH-58D by Polychop. Interesting interview too.

Polychop’s Kiowa update

Helisimmer is getting all the good stuff from Polychop with another interview from Sven and some nice shots of the OH-58 Kiowa.

VIRPIL loves rotorheads!

VIRPIL joysticks and throttles already got an excellent reputation in the community for the quality of their hardware. But they were kinda exclusively addressing the FW market. A post recently spotted on their FB page is showing they are finally going after our rotorheads community with very nice looking collectives in the work.

Even better, collective will be customisable per chopper type. Here is a nice UH-60 looking set:

In the meantime, VIRPIL is also working on a button box that would apply to different DCS helicopters:

Black Shark overhaul update

We got today some new shots for the upcoming cockpit overhaul for the Ka-50 Blackshark cockpit module and they look really stunning.

BO-105 not dead?

Well, strictly speaking, the BO-105 was announced "on ice" so not dead, but this is generally not a good sign. Nonetheless, some new 3D rendering of the cockpit were posted on the forum a few days ago.

TXSailor first solo!

Flying solo in a helicopter is a huge accomplishment and a very special moment in every pilot's memory. Congratulations to our BSD pilot TXSailor for his first IRL solo flight!

Coming up on Persian Gulf map

Announced Nov 16th, the next update for the Persian Gulf map (coming on Nov 21st) will include Kish Island airfield, Al Bateen airfield, Lavan Island airfield, Al Ain airfield, Bandar-e-Jask airfield, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Sas Al Nakheel airfield, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, and the Yas Viceroy with Formula 1 racetrack.

Another cool video from Elwood.

Elwood's on fire again. After being featured by ED for his first video, he already posted a new cool one on the BlackSharkDen's Youtube page.

Engine fire for the Huey

According to the website twomoreweeks, the next Huey update should bring engine fires. More troubles ahead for our pilots! 

Ka-50 revival

Ka-50 is back at BSD. Bringing back good memories.

A serious case of animal cruelty

An impromptu reconnaissance flight last night with BaD, Fargo and Guitrz ended up in an unacceptable case of animal cruelty. An inquiry has been opened to determine the responsibilities.

Fargo's ME training #2

For his second training on the DCS mission editor, Fargo addressed how to use templates to make your mission look awesome with minimal effort and time. Check out the recorded session he made during last week with our BSD pilots.

BSD Poll on DLC maps

We are kinda sticking with the Caucasus map most of the time to make sure we are not excluding anyone from a mission. But temptation is great from the mission builders to use the DLC maps for new adventures. Please tell us which DLC map you own (if any) or are you planning to own in the short term (including SoH when it will come out).

Strait of Hormuz Map Teaser

A nice but short video from Glowing Amraam for the upcoming new DCS map as well as some pretty screenshots. No news about when though.

Your availability during the week?

Please make sure you answered Eagle_Rising's poll on your weekly availability. 

PolyChop BO-105 cockpit pictures update

This chopper that Poly Chop is working on is likely to be awesome. It's only 3D renderings for the moment (haven't seen any in-game screenshots yet), but it sounds like most of the systems will be simulated, which is pretty exciting.

New campaigns for the Mi-8

Some information released by Belsimtek in a recent post on the ED forum:

...Then after Release DCS: Mi-8MTV2 (in early December 2016), new campaign "The Border" will be offered (3th party devs). 

And another one campaign is in development (3th party devs). The storyline - perform Sling-load missions. It could be ready after 2-3 months.

Your availability during the week?

Poll is now closed. Thank you for your answers. 

Multiplayer 1.5.5 cursor hotfix

For the disappearing cursor issue in MP since 1.5.5, hotfix available here

DCS 2.0.4 Released


The DCS Nevada map received an overhaul with many airports and cities added. Also, we got some fixes for Ka-50, UH-1H and Mi-8 as well as for the mission editor. There's a 20% discount today on the DCS shop for DCS Nevada Map DLC ($39.99 instead of $49.99).