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Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
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Application for Tediak


Application Activity

New Applicattion



Application for Tediak


Application Activity


New Applicattion


Application for Tediak


Application Activity

New Applicattion


Pimax 5K+ and 8K pre order

5K+ for $699, 8K for $899. But you'll need a RTX 2080Ti to run them. That's another 1200$.money-mouth

Training Tuesdays

This month we inaugurated the Training Tuesdays concept. Systematically, every Tuesday, there will be one of our instructor who will propose a training topic for everyone. Last Training Tuesday was for the NVG qualification. After a thorough class on NVG provided by our Army UH-60 pilot Eagle_Rising, we all went for a night navigation under NVG with no moon and tight landing zones in Caucasus. Navigation was prepared with the help of CombatFlite. Extremely fun and very challenging 2 hours flight with the BSD NVG Qualification at the end of the training session for all the pilots who took part in this training.

Thanks to Eagle_Rising for sharing his knowledge.

Molevitch's latest blockbuster now on BSD YouTube channel!

Mole is having a lot of fun with iMovie! laughing

Teaser BO-105 by Miltech-5

 A short video, but looking pretty nice so far.

BlackSharkDen flying with the 132nd 

A BSD group of Mi-8 pilots was sent for a NATO exercise in Georgia last Sunday as a guest of the famous 132nd squadron. Allied countries such as Norway, Germany, UK, Belgium and France were conducting a large scale training from Lochini (UGTB) with multiple platforms such as A-10C, Mirage 2000, Ka-50 and of course Mi-8. Some missions involved up to 55 aircraft at the same time including multiple controllers, AWACS and JTAC.

During the last mission, we ended up after more than 3 hours of flight pretty low on fuel. We all had to land or auto rotate as we were flaming out. Only Eagle-Rising was able to make it back to Lochini, and he made it with style! Check out his video on BSD Youtube channel:


Helisimmer loves DCS this week

With no less than 3 articles about the BO105, the Gazelle and the NS430. A good read and some nice screens too. Click  on the pictures to go to the articles.

A quick review of the BO105:

A review of the NS430 add on for the Mi8:

Review of the NS430

A look at the new explosions coming to DCS 2.5

Pretty cool. What else can you say? Haven't seen better explosions anywhere else in the sim world so far. Can't wait.

Mission Meet and Greet October

On Sunday October 1st, we welcomed some new members in BSD with a mission in Georgia, in an attempt to prevent the russian army to invade some of the northern territories. Our new pilots Crow and Groundhog did great with really neat formation flying, successful resupply of our allies close to the front and a nice run over Dusheti to clear the threats for one of our convoy. Good job to all of you guys. The LZ was really tricky with a steep approach required and a slope landing. Great fun for everyone though.

A nice formation over Georgia territory on our way to pick up Molevitch at the nearby FARP

Successful resupply of the advanced base near the front while the rest of the team is preparing for the next tasking.


Fix for the 1.5.5 Released version export problem

The magic trick to make Helios, UniversRadio and DCS Bios work again had been found!

Go to your Saved Games/DCS/Scripts directory. Open your export.lua with Notepad++ and remove or comment the line: os.setlocale("ISO-8559-1", "numeric")

Save the file and everything is back to normal. For Tacview, a fix is available with the beta:

Next DCS version will be 1.5.5, not 2.5

Some new stuff for the UH-1H, Ka50 and Mi-8, mostly cosmetic for MP. An interesting F10 view new tool.

Source here.

Official English Manual out soon for the Belsimtek Mi-8?

Well, an extremely rare statement from Belsimtek on the ED forum is suggesting we actually might get something in 2-3 weeks. Let's all remember this module was released on September 4th 2013!

Some eye candy from the next DCS chopper module: BO-105

This nice little chopper with its fully rigid titanium rotor, 6 HOTS, AA missile and rockets is likely to be an amazing addition to the DCS rotarywings world, even it is kinda redundant with the Gazelle, I can't wait to start flying her. 

Polychop also posted a pretty cruel teaser.

Historical weapon mod for Mi-8

This mod from Avimimus and 1.JaVA_Platypus adds some historically accurate weapons for the Mi-8 that are not available in the standard module:

  • UV-16 57mm rocket pod
  • UV-32 57mm rocket pod (32 rockets per pod!)
  • S-24 240mm rockets (yeah, 240mm!)

If you are using ovGME, this mod is available directly in the BSD repository and authorized in BSD multiplayer missions.

Captain Zeen's Helios profile for SA-342 Gazelle is available

Captain Zeen just made available his latest masterpiece panel profile for Helios. Now all the available choppers in DCS can be flown using secondary (touch)screen, and the Gazelle panel is really awesome. I made a quick test flight tonight:

DCS World Weekend News 10/07/16

So the Belsimtek's Mi-24 is officially confirmed by ED. This is pretty awesome and, if programmed at the same level of realism than the Mi-8, we are likely to see a massive surge of helicopter pilots in the DCS community (which is good for BSD).

Also, there's a helicopter screenshot contest this week on ED forum and I am sure you guys got some great shots of our previous missions together so you should definitively give it a try!