Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
Close Air Support
Troops and Logistics
Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
Search and Rescue
Cooperative missions for DCS rotorheads
Anti tank, convoy escort, spec ops

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Ka50 ready for a war

Dutch, one of our super talented pilot, just showed us his latest video, and this definitively deserves to be featured because it is beyond awesome. Check this out.

Operation Columbus

We had a great time last weekend with our guests AMVI from Italy and BlackSheep Squadron from France. A nice 20 helicopters operation along the Iranian coast with some nice coordination required for the final assault between transports, attack and scouts helicopters.

DCS Syria on short final?

Ugra Media and ED recently announced the short final for this map, DCS Syria, which will actually covers part of Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. It's always challenging to guess what "approaching its final stages of development" really means in the mind of Ugra Media and ED since we have no idea how many stages it involves and the length of each of them. Our guess is that it will be certainly more than 2 weeks. Anyway, new screenshots emerged last week and needless to say that this map is likely to be on the first day buy  list of most of our pilots, just at the same level than what the Persian Gulf one was when it came out.

Among those screenshot, one intriguing one was this shot of Palmyra with installations definitively restricted to helicopters only (and eventually Harriers). This will surely be a place of choice for every chopper missions we will have on this map.